Water damage Dormagen

Complete drying and restoration after heavy rains

Heavy rainfall in August 2021 severely affected, among others, a public building in Dormagen. Many parts of the building were flooded and had to be dismantled and renovated accordingly. HELOT took on this task with confidence.


Facts & Figures

August 2021
Drying, Restoration
Object size
1.387 square meters

About the project

Our task was to analyze and locate the damage caused by heavy rain. Based on detailed project planning, we took over the entire handling of the deconstruction and remediation work. A particular challenge was the clearing and removal of the accumulated mud.

The entire screed area in the building had been destroyed by the water damage and had to be completely deconstructed. In addition, the cabling and the use of large quantities of drying equipment required precise planning and protection. The extensive and branched building presented us with logistical challenges.

We carried out room drying throughout the entire property, covering an area of 1,387 square meters. The deconstruction of the entire screed area covered 1,278.25 square meters. In order to carry out the renovation efficiently, large teams were deployed to work in parallel at different locations.

With our expertise and dedication, we stood by the responsible parties in Dormagen to restore the building after the water damage. Helot is proud to have been part of this important restoration project and to contribute to the recovery of the public building.


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