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We reliably and unobtrusively ensure a good atmosphere - so that your production remains in the foreground. But the technology should not only function well, it should also fit into the building concept. That's why we also offer individual adaptation to the existing duct system.

Our services for you

Precise humidity control

Unwanted moisture has no place in your production processes, but it is a common problem in mobile or temporary facilities. We take appropriate measures to regulate it.

Free consultation and site inspection

We do not plan your project on the basis of pure figures on the drawing board, but are directly on site and have a close look at your production. This way, nothing escapes our attention - and you know immediately where you stand.

Production-specific climate conditions

The environment of your production must meet certain conditions in order to be successful and of high quality? No problem. We take your requirements as the starting point for all measures.

Diverse product range

We are also very well-equipped for the industrial and production sector and can put together the right selection of equipment for diverse requirements.

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Other sectors


Trade show and event construction

We offer completely scalable solutions for tents and exhibition halls, from power supply to air conditioning - and always ideally suited to the visual concept.



Construction sites have specific requirements for power supply and moisture control. We pay equal attention to robustness and mobility during implementation.