Audi TT Pavillon

The perfect "stable" for pure horsepower

In 2014, Audi launched an innovative car in the form of a new TT. This was to be presented in a stylish pavilion - naturally also in action with the engine running. For this, HELOT supplied the ventilation system.


Facts & Figures

Frankfurt am Main
3,600 square meters
Target temperature
21 °C

About the project

Our task was to set up high-performance smoke extraction systems and quickly extract the exhaust gases from the showroom. We developed a systematic concept that included technical implementation and support during the campaign period.

The biggest challenge was integrating the ventilation system into the stylish overall look of the pavilion. With limited space, we had to place equipment without visibility so as not to compromise the aesthetics of the space.

Key Facts & Figures: A multifunctional ventilation and filtration system was designed to handle a high turnover of visitors. Our goal was to create a comfortable and healthy environment for guests while focusing on the innovative vehicle.

We are proud to have been able to provide a smooth ventilation solution for this project, which contributed to the positive perception of the event. As an experienced partner, we used our technical expertise to ensure efficient and reliable ventilation.

HELOT - your trusted partner for outstanding ventilation solutions and first-class service.




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