A wonderful experience in the Dreamtime-Dome

For years, the Dreamtime Dome at Europa-Park Rust has been thrilling visitors with its integrated mobile 360° cinema. After a break in 2022, it will be back in 2023 as part of a new experience world. HELOT ensures ideal conditions for every dream trip.


Facts & Figures

2015 - 2023
Europa-Park Rust
Square meters
Target temperature
all day 21°C
Number of visitors
Daily about 1000

About the project

To create a large dome tent as a location for the mobile 360° cinema - and in the middle of Europa Park. That was the task HELOT took on in 2015. The tent had to be able to be used all year round, which required reliable heating and cooling. At the same time, it was important that our systems were as silent and invisible as possible, so as not to affect the spectators' experience.

Maintaining a constant temperature of 21°C in the tent, regardless of weather conditions and visitor fluctuation, was a particular challenge. In addition, it was important to seamlessly integrate our systems into the existing design of the Traumzeit Dome to optimize the overall experience for visitors.

We relied on a fully automated control system with remote access, so we could adjust the temperature and air speed remotely as needed. Four powerful heat pumps were used to ensure optimal climate control.

Our remote access allowed us to automatically monitor the system and make adjustments as needed. This allowed us to ensure that the temperature and air quality were optimal at all times. We also offered remote service to provide continuous support for the Dreamtime Dome.

With our expertise and dedication, we help ensure that Europa Park visitors experience unforgettable dream journeys. Helot is proud to be a part of this unique world of experience and to ensure that visitors can always stay in the ideal climate.

Since 2023, the Dome is part of the new experience world "Croatia" at Europa Park - and HELOT will of course take care of the air conditioning again!




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