World Climate Summit COP 2017

Expanded event area around the UN Campus

In 2017, politicians, activists, scientists and the press met in Bonn to discuss one of the most important issues of our time. Among other things, a huge area next to the UN Campus was used for this purpose. HELOT provided the technical infrastructure.


Facts & Figures

November 2017
Total participants
Event area
55,000 square meter
Total heating capacity
23 Megawatt
Preparation time
3 months

About the project

Our responsibility extended from consulting on optimal air conditioning to implementation. This involved keeping the temporary structures air-conditioned and creating a pleasant atmosphere for the participants. A high focus was on ensuring that the units integrated seamlessly into the design and that there were no distracting noises or drafts.

The biggest challenge was to combine existing technology with mobile equipment and ensure optimal climate control in the different areas. With an efficient material input of over 50 semi-trucks, we were able to deliver all components on time and integrate them seamlessly.

We are proud that we were able to ensure optimal air conditioning that met the highest standards at this important global event. With our expertise and flexibility, we ensured that attendees were comfortable and at ease without air conditioning units being a nuisance.

HELOT was in charge of the entire planning and implementation of the air conditioning system. We proved that we are not only technically skilled service partners, but also keep aesthetic aspects and the well-being of the participants in mind.


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