Focus on people and the environment.


Responsibility in action

For 70 years, we have been living up to our responsibility as a project service provider and air conditioning expert - but not only on a professional level. We are also increasing our intersection with the topics of sustainability and health every day.

The best time to start acting sustainably is yesterday. We are all the more proud to be able to present measures within our value chain today that we have already implemented and live by every day.

We remain active for a better tomorrow.


Sustainable heating and climate concepts for temporary buildings.

From purchasing to completed project: measures for upgrading the value chain

Our goals as an ecologically acting company


We want to continue to expand our status as the most sustainable supplier and technology leader of air conditioning and heating equipment through strategic partnerships with manufacturers.


We want to offer a 100% transparent eco-balance for our project services and make them even greener in the coming years through further savings.


We want to make projects in Germany more sustainable through our expertise and advice, and thus contribute to the fight against climate change.


We want to re-evaluate ourselves on a daily basis, not rest on our laurels, and actively cultivate our sustainable mindset through further process optimization.


Vision and sustainability strategy go hand in hand

Focus on people and the environment. Always.

As a responsible company, we at HELOT know that we can never rest on our laurels. Our definition of responsibility grows with the needs of our society. That's why we are continuously committed to sustainable action to protect our planet and ensure a better future.

We are proud to have already initiated tangible actions within our value chain that make a positive contribution. At HELOT, we are committed every day to ensuring that collective action is the key to creating a sustainable and livable world. You can be assured that we will always remain active and passionate about creating a better future.