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Rooftop Air conditioners 

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rooftop air conditioners
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Always reliable, easy to install, efficient and powerful - HELOT's Rooftop Air Conditioners just make sense. HELOT offers both stationary and portable air conditioners that provide fast and efficient cooling or heating of spaces.

HELOT rooftop air conditioners are specialized for a variety of needs, from common air conditioning for event halls to cooling aircraft engines in hangars.

The rooftop air conditioners are rugged, durable, and easy to maintain and clean - extending service life and optimizing performance. You can trust our rooftop air conditioners, sit back and be confident that you're getting reliable and effective air conditioning to meet your needs.


Focus on people and the environment.

The demands of our society have changed. Due to climate change, we have to rethink in the short term and plan for the long term. Our employees' expectations of our responsibility have also changed. Credibility and acceptance are not given for free. That's why we are constantly adapting and expanding our standards for sustainability and health.

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