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Tropical Rooftop Air Conditioner (T3 climate zones) 

15-260 kW

Note: Product series! This product is available in several versions. The specifications given only represent the span. Contact us for details.

Our Rooftop units for extreme hot temperatures are designed to perform well in tropical weather in T3 climate zones, providing energy efficiency, air quality and comfort. They use environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant, advanced software control and low energy consumption for optimal performance. The units are available in a wide range of capacities, with 13 different models from 10-100 kW. Higher capacity requirements can be met with multiple units working seamlessly together. Designed to operate at temperatures up to +46 °C in T3 climate zones, the units feature a compact monoblock housing, remote control and plug-and-play installation. They are equipped with a scroll compressor, cassette-type electric heater, centrifugal fan, high-efficiency and low-noise axial fans, G4 filters, heat and sound insulation, and corrosion-protected galvanized steel with electrostatic paint.

  • Wired remote control for easy operation and control
  • Double-shell panel housing for improved durability and insulation
  • Fully automatic operation for convenient use
  • LCD display for easy monitoring of settings and performance
  • Electronic expansion valve for precise control of refrigerant flow
  • Indoor air quality features for improved indoor air quality
  • Easy maintenance and service for effortless upkeep