Remediation of leaks and water damage.

Fully comprehensive. 

Other than fire, water damage is one of the most unpleasant things for any homeowner. Often a burst pipe or a defective washing machine is the trigger. The building structure is attacked, the home is uninhabitable, tenants and owners are exposed to stress. Since natural drying of the building can take months and the risk of mold increases enormously, we recommend the service of building drying. Competent damage assessment with subsequent remediation according to the current state of the art and an individual complete solution - that's what HELOT stands for.

How we help you in case of water damage

Intant help

Leak detection

Thermography & Endoskopy

Safe storage and removal of your inventory including cleaning

Fast gutting and disposal

Technical drying of screed, insulation layers, wooden beam ceilings, walls and cavities


Floor laying work

Drywall construction

Moisture measurement &
pressure testing


Masonry, painting &
wallpapering works

Ionization and neutralization of odor

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