Efficient technology, low consumption.

Supply for construction projects¬† 

When it comes to heating and powering construction sites, it's not just a matter of good working conditions, but also of protecting materials and substance. Thus, there are reliably fewer delays due to weather in the project.


Heat demand calculation

The requirements of construction sites differ massively, depending on the project, materials, weather conditions and size. That's why we include all parameters in advance and create a concept based on that.

Free consultation and construction site appointments

We do not plan your project on the basis of pure figures on the drawing board, but are directly on site and take a close look at everything. This way, we don't miss a thing - and you know immediately where you stand.

Large product range

Your requirements determine the design of our solution. That's why we are well prepared with various devices of different specifications to support your construction project.

Peak load simulation

Outages? Not with us! We simulate extreme cases beforehand and plan for correspondingly reliable buffers when supplying your construction site.


Moisture control in the shell

There are few things more disturbing than interruptions in your construction project due to excessive moisture in the shell. We reliably regulate this with our equipment.

Construction heating

Whether it's 50 or 50,000 square feet - we provide pleasantly warm temperatures where it counts for you. Our technology is robust and reliable.

Construction power supply

Nothing works on a construction site without electricity. Therefore we do not make any compromises. We find the right power units for your project and lay cables safely.

You need the factor "reliability" for your event?

We are happy to advise you!

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Other sectors


Tradefair and event construction

We offer completely scalable solutions for tents and exhibition halls, from power supply to air conditioning - and always ideally suited to the visual concept.


Industry & Production

Our equipment seamlessly fits in with the realities of your production and ensures that things simply run smoothly in the background - for the perfect conditions all around.