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Fully comprehensive restoration 

A claim is a serious financial and emotional stressor for everyone involved. Established mechanics need to kick in to handle everything correctly, in a timely manner and to everyone's satisfaction. This is where HELOT comes in. Our support is aimed at injured parties as well as insurance companies and other parties involved. As a remediation partner, we ensure the necessary level of empathy, transparent communication and responsibility for maximum quality.

We provide all services from a single source. This allows us to focus completely on our strengths and offers you maximum reliability and quality.

Fire damage restoration

The serious damage caused by fires and their extinguishing require a well-thought-out restoration concept. We not only take care of this, but also the appropriate implementation.

Water damage restoration

The effects of water damage are often not really assessable at first glance. That is why we do not disregard any factors during the assessment and remediation process.

Industrial and major damage restoration

How to restore an opera house or a high-rise building after severe damage? We know! Build on our experience with remediation projects at the higher end of the scale.

Agency-oriented refurbishment

In the event of an insurance claim, it is important to offer a remediation without any objections, including documentation and settlement, in order to satisfy both parties. We stand alongside insurance agencies for the entire process.

You can rely on that:

Planned. Implemented. Done!

Projects that just run.

More communication,
fewer complaints

...through empathetic and personal care for the injured party and transparent communication to all parties.

More expertise,
less effort

...through comprehensive know-how for all common renovation methods, including special requirements and major renovations.

More in-house, less waiting time

...by using our own experienced skilled craftsmen and reliable scheduling with over 95% on-time delivery.

More cooperation,
fewer problems

...through quick approvals by insurers. We maintain optimal framework agreements and include everyone's interests.


You want reliability and safety for your project?

We are happy to advise you!

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Advantages for insurance companies and the housing industry

The most important thing in the event of a claim is a proper calculation and the ability to plan the necessary measures accordingly. We stand for reliability and economy. Keeping the interests of all parties in mind, being available as a contact partner accordingly, giving full throttle at the right time in a targeted manner - no matter how tricky the tasks are.

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