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air conditioning
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Our water chillers are powerful and reliable, offering high energy efficiency. They are equipped with the latest technology to ensure effective cooling - as well as control and monitoring of temperature, humidity and air quality. They are easy to install, easy to operate and offer a flexible and reliable solution for every need.

Our chillers impress with their extremely high capacity and performance. They can be integrated into existing air conditioning systems or operated as a stand-alone unit.

We offer a wide range of chillers tailored to the specific requirements and needs of our customers. We work closely with our customers to develop an individual solution that meets their requirements.


Focus on people and the environment. Always.

The demands of our society have changed. Due to climate change, we have to rethink in the short term and plan for the long term. Our employees' expectations of our responsibility have also changed. Credibility and acceptance are not given for free. That's why we are constantly adapting and expanding our standards for sustainability and health.

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