Your good feeling.

Our service promise. 


In a world of hustle and bustle and rapidly changing requirements, HELOT is a sure constant in your projects. We understand that it's not just about temporary technical infrastructure or renovation projects. It's about people. It is about you.

Our aspiration is not just to provide you with services, but to build a partnership relationship in which you can rely on us at all times. We know that it's not just professional and technical expertise that counts, but also empathy, understanding and an open ear for your needs and those of your customers.

The strength of commitment:

HELOT stands for reliable service

At HELOT, you can rely on us. Our customers, employees and partners know they can count on us - always.

Why is that?

Because our culture is built on a strong foundation of values that we live by. We work with passion and honest joy in what we do every day. We love finding pragmatic and sustainable solutions to challenges that others may lack the creativity to tackle.

We are willing to go the famous extra mile. In doing so, we always have the big picture in mind and a sincere interest in creating the best solution for our customers.

In doing so, we think not only about the current day, but also about the day after tomorrow. We continuously develop our services and products, always with our customers and our environment in mind. Because we firmly believe that sustainability and innovation go hand in hand.


HELOT in one word: Committed.

Our mission

To find the
best solution.
And implement it.

Specifically, this means for each of our service areas:

Temporary technical infrastructure

Honest advice, first-class support and the most flexible implementation of temporary technical infrastructure projects using the most modern and environmentally friendly technologies for customers in Germany and worldwide.


Professional and expert damage restoration with outstanding customer service for claimants, insurance companies, brokers and housing associations.

Regional and close to the customer.


Vision and sustainability strategy go hand in hand

Focus on people
and the environment.

As a responsible company, we at HELOT know that we can never rest on our laurels. Our definition of responsibility grows with the needs of our society. That's why we are continuously committed to sustainable action to protect our planet and ensure a better future.

We are proud to have already initiated concrete actions within our value chain that make a positive contribution. At HELOT, we are committed every day to ensuring that collective action is the key to creating a sustainable and liveable world. You can be sure that we will always remain active and passionate about creating a better future.


A brief look at our long history.

HELOT's success story springs from the construction sites of war-torn Germany, a place full of challenges but also opportunities. It was here that founder Hellmuth Otremba recognized the opportunity to develop and market innovative drying equipment to help the many new buildings dry faster, so people could quickly move back into their newly constructed homes.

Since its foundation in 1949, HELOT has been on a continuous growth course.

From its headquarters in Cologne, HELOT expanded and opened additional branches in Berlin, Chemnitz, Munich and Prague. This regional presence enabled the company to always be close to its customers. In 2019, the then managing directors Franz Stoffels and Joachim Rzittky left the company, while Marius Stoffels took over the leadership and continued the legacy of the company's founder Hellmuth Otremba.

Under the leadership of Marius Stoffels, HELOT remains true to its vision and strives to further strengthen its position as a committed service partner. With a clear focus on excellent service and innovative technologies, HELOT relies on its long-standing expertise and extensive network to always put customers and their needs first.

HELOT's history is characterized by a strong corporate culture and a dedicated team that always strives to go the famous extra mile for the customer. With a clear view of the future and a willingness to always evolve, HELOT is well positioned to remain successful and give its customers the good feeling that HELOT is the right place to be in every project.


Temporary technical infrastructure

No matter how your event or mobile facility scales: With experience and top equipment, we provide the ideal solution from small to large.



Our expertise in fire and water damage restoration runs deep. As a remediation partner, we ensure empathy, transparency and quality.



You have a desire for work with meaning and want long-term prospects with the opportunity for further development? Then it is exactly your commitment that we need in the team at HELOT!