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Modern air conditioning 
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Two strong partners

We are sales partners for HVAC systems from imbat (exclusively in Germany and Austria!) and for fan heaters and small air conditioners from REMKO. Get to know our partners and what makes us strong together.

Most of the products you see here are series with different possible technical specifications. The values given represent the range of what is possible within the series. Contact us for details!


The Turkish company imbat has been specializing in rooftop air conditioners and chillers for over 30 years, delivering top performance.


Remko is based in East Westphalia and stands for fan heaters and small air-conditioning units like hardly any other company - for every requirement.

Because we know
what's important to you.

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    Reduction of operating costs

    The systems from imbat and REMKO are not only modern and innovative in design, but also highly efficient in energy consumption. Thanks to innovative technologies, you save on operating costs without compromising on air conditioning.

    Benefit from over 100 years of combined experience and development expertise, as well as efficient equipment that meets the highest standards.

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    Reduction of the Co2 footprint.

    We are convinced that ecologically designed products are the future. That's why we offer you many systems here that are technologically designed for sustainable, safe operation and thus are absolutely energy-efficient.

    Our products enable optimal air conditioning while saving energy and resources - at any time, on any project.

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    Avoid downtime

    We offer high-quality products that are designed for a long service life and function perfectly at all times to avoid downtime and always ensure optimal air conditioning of the premises.

    However, should an unforeseen event occur, we are at your disposal throughout Germany with our modern rental equipment. Around the clock and 365 days a year.

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    Quick installation & easy operation.

    We know that any extra work involved in installation can be a hindrance. That's why we've designed our equipment to be quick and easy to set up and, if necessary, transport.

    We also place the highest value on user-friendliness during operation. Thanks to intuitive user interfaces, you benefit from easy operation and maintenance of the equipment.


Air conditioning and remediation equipment rentals

Browse our catalogue for heating, cooling and remediation equipment and the right equipment for your project.


The sustainable service experience

Planned. Implemented. Done! We make your projects in the areas of "Technical Temporary Infrastructures" and "Restoration" a sure thing.