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Electric heaters ELT 

6 - 28,7 kg
Heating power
2,2 to 18 kW

Note: Product series! This product is available in several versions. The specifications given only represent the span. Contact us for details.

Fast, effective heat wherever it is needed:
in the party tent, when the heating system fails and more.

Robust, safe and reliable are the transportable REMKO electric heaters. The heating power from 2 to 18 kW can be regulated in up to three stages. No power losses, the entire power is converted into heat. Due to the low weight and compact design, the devices can be used universally. When a room thermostat is connected, a constant temperature is achieved with super-rapidly economical power consumption.

Warm air hose operation enables heat distribution as desired.

The ELT 18-S automatic electric heater has been specially developed for the connection of warm air hoses. This means that this device combines all the product advantages of the REMKO ELT series with the application possibilities of warm air hose operation. The warm air can be easily directed to where it is needed. This solution is well suited for heating or drying shafts. The hose length can be up to 15 m. Two warm air hoses can be connected with the attachment piece.

  • Versatile use even in non-ventilated rooms
  • Heating elements made of stainless steel
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low noise operation
  • Easy to transport
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Room thermostat built-in or optional. For efficient unit operation, the use of a room thermostat is required.