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Panel Room Air Conditioner (CCU) 

Performance levels
6 – 150 kW
Compressor performance
3,9 - 35 kW

Note: Product series! This product is available in several versions. The specifications given only represent the span. Contact us for details.

Flexible solutions for every data centre

Imbat's panel room air conditioners are the ideal answer to the demanding requirements of data centres. With an impressive capacity range of 6 to 150 kW, they provide the flexibility your business needs, regardless of the size of your data centre.

Environmentally friendly technology

Our air conditioning units rely on environmentally friendly refrigerant technologies such as R-410a and R-32, which not only provide efficient cooling and heating, but also minimize environmental impact. Imbat precision air conditioners offer a wide range of functions including cooling, heating and humidity control. This versatility ensures precise spatial conditions to optimize the performance of your equipment.

Perfect room climate

Thanks to scroll compressors and EC fans, our devices work extremely efficiently and save energy costs. The ability to supply fresh air contributes to air quality and ensures a healthy working environment. The fully automatic control minimizes administrative effort and ensures smooth operation. Additionally, asymmetrical cooling offers the ability to equalize temperatures in different areas and increase overall efficiency.

  • Highly Efficient Scroll Compressors: The Inrow Air Conditioner is equipped with highly efficient scroll compressors that ensure optimal cooling performance.
  • Optimized design for high efficiency: The device has an optimized design that enables high efficiency in cooling and temperature control.
  • Optimal temperature, humidity and indoor air quality management: The Inrow Air Conditioner offers a comprehensive management system for precise control of temperature, humidity and indoor air quality.
  • ISO 27001 (Information Security Management): This Inrow Air Conditioner meets the ISO 27001 standard for information security management, meaning that your IT and server rooms are not only cooled efficiently, but are also safely protected from security risks.