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Particularly sustainable

HORUS Airplane Ventilation and Air Conditioning Unit 


Note: Product series! This product is available in several versions. The specifications given only represent the span. Contact us for details.

The HORUS - PCA aircraft fresh air conditioners are the perfect solution for parked aircraft with shut engines. With a static pressure of up to 12,000 Pa and 100% fresh air supply, the units filter the air through high-quality G4 and F7 class hygiene filters. The units are designed to operate in extreme temperatures up to 35°C and deliver an impressive supply temperature of 1°C. With BMS protocols and Modbus communication system, the HORUS provides remote access and data storage. Each unit is equipped with a main load isolator and high and low pressure transmitters.

  • Fully automatic operation for effortless use
  • LCD display for easy monitoring and control
  • Automatic defrost function for optimal performance
  • Electronic expansion valve for precise temperature control
  • Easy maintenance and service for maximum uptime