Versatile and effective heating

Electric heaters 

Areas of application

Heating system failure Party tent

Technical facts at a glance

Power range

2 - 36 kW

Air capacity range

100 - 3,600 m3 /h


1 - 160 kg



The electric heaters provide fast and effective heat in any desired location - whether in a party tent, in the event of a heating system failure or in other situations. With a robust, safe and reliable design, they offer versatility of use. The heating power of up to 36 kW is adjustable in three stages, so it can be adapted to individual needs. Particularly practical are the Type S electric heaters, which have been specially developed for connecting warm air hoses. This allows the warm air to be directed specifically to where it is needed, for example for heating or drying shafts.


  • Heizleistung von bis zu 36 kW, dreistufig regelbar
  • Robuste, sichere und zuverlässige Bauweise
  • Einsatz von Warmluftschläuchen für gezielte Wärmeverteilung
  • Individuelle Anpassung an projektspezifische Bedürfnisse


  • Electric heaters type S specially designed for connection of hot air hoses
  • Robust, safe and reliable construction
  • Targeted heat distribution for heating or drying of shafts

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