CHIO Aachen

Best climate for the World Equestrian Festival

Every year, the CHIO in Aachen is one of the highlights in equestrian sport. When the best riders meet, everything has to be just right. HELOT has been providing air conditioning and ventilation systems for all areas for over ten years.


Facts & Figures

Total guests
app. 350,000
8.500 square meters
Target temperature
21-24 °C

About the project

For years, HELOT has been responsible for the entire infrastructure of the horse show with its various disciplines. This includes the heating and air conditioning of a large tent area, the restaurant area, the VIP area, the visitors' area, the kitchen area and the patisserie. It is especially important to effectively remove air from the kitchen to prevent unwanted odors. We also need to ensure optimal extraction in the live kitchen area.

We are regularly faced with the challenge of making optimum use of the limited space on the event site and seamlessly integrating our systems into the visual concept of the festival. As the CHIO takes place in high summer, a strong cooling performance is required to ensure comfort for guests and participants. At the same time, it is important to heat the tents in the evening hours, when the events go on until late at night.

So far, a total of about 30 air-conditioning units have always been in use distributed over all areas of the CHIO to ensure the perfect climate. In addition, about 10 heaters were used for the marquees. An integrated exhaust air system ensured that odor-intensive areas such as the kitchen were optimally ventilated.

Our 24/7 service was a key factor in the smooth running of the past CHIOs. We regularly checked the temperature in all areas and adjusted it as needed to ensure an optimal climate.

With our many years of experience and technical know-how, we ensure that the CHIO in Aachen is an outstanding event. Helot is proud to be part of this spectacular tournament and to contribute to making riders and spectators feel comfortable in a pleasant atmosphere.

HELOT - your service partner for the perfect climate at the big events.




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